Roasted Peameal Bacon

roasted peameal bacon glazed back bacon canadian

Peameal Bacon is a cured pork loin rolled in peameal. In the United States they call it Canadian Bacon. If you’re Canadian, of course you know what it is. But, some Canadians may not have thought about roasting one in the oven. I hadn’t, until my college roommate Christine brought one from home and cooked it for dinner. Since she grew up on a dairy farm, I knew Roasted Peameal Bacon had to be good. Farmers know food and I had lots of great meals at her place. That was a FEW years ago now but I’ve never forgotten how good it was!

This is a really inexpensive cut of meat.  And seriously, you can take it out of the package (being careful to remove the almost invisible roll of plastic wrap around it, as I’ve learned from one unfortunate mistake) and roast it uncovered, just like it is. That’s it. Too easy.

peameal bacon

Glazed Peameal Bacon

But, if you add a little glaze to the outside, it helps seal the meat which is important for cuts like this with little fat. My favourite way to glaze any pork meat is a mixture of jam and mustard. Any kind of jam, any kind of mustard. For this I’m using grainy Dijon and raspberry jam. I like this combo because they both have seeds and they match well with the grainy cornmeal crust on the outside of the meat.

peameal bacon

Roast it at 350 for about 45 minutes first. Then mix equal parts of jam and mustard and smear it all over the outer cornmeal crust, return to the oven and roast for about 20 more minutes. Don’t add the glaze at the beginning, otherwise it will be quite burnt by the time the peameal is cooked. Peameal Bacon is raw so you need to roast it at least an hour to ensure it’s cooked properly.

roasted peameal bacon glazed back bacon canadian

The outer crust holds the moisture inside so the meat is really juicy when you slice it.

roasted peameal bacon glazed back bacon canadian

This is perfect served with Mac and Cheese. I mean, you have the oven on already, right?

roasted peameal bacon

10 thoughts on “Roasted Peameal Bacon”

  1. Cut pea meal bacon in slices not quite through. Between slices place pineapple spears. Pour juice from can over pea meal and pineapple and bake. Never dry and very tasteful

  2. This was incredible! I scored the top and used a combination of grainy mustard and fig jam. Thank you so much for showing me a new budget friendly showpiece meal!

      1. Omg I just made fig jam, Meghan you’re brilliant. And thanks for the post on how to cook, Marci, I had my first whole peameal roast recently (at the Niagara Great Wolf Lodge of all places) and it was AMAZING.

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