Maple Syrup

A few years ago we decided to tap our trees. It was quite the adventure and a great learning experience. The main thing we learned is…this stuff is liquid gold! No wonder it’s so expensive. It takes so much sap to make a small amount of syrup. Basically it’s around a 40 to 1 ratio. Then there’s the time and firewood invested in boiling it down. We had a lot of fun making it but it was a one time deal. It hadn’t occurred to us to make it until the last year we lived on the property with a small wood lot. And since we no longer live there we’ll have to rely on friends and neighbours to supply us with our Maple Syrup.

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Ice Fishing on Lake Erie

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen ice huts on the inner bay of Lake Erie. Our recent winters have been mild but this year we’ve had a great start to the ice fishing season.

We used to have our own hut. It was a project shared by several guys. The finished product was quite the achievement with design details that would be worthy of a show on HGTV. However, their big plans resulted in a big hut. A big heavy hut. It had to be “modified” in order to move it out of the building where it was constructed and towing that monstrosity to the fishing area proved to be a challenge. So the hut had a short life. Just a few seasons of “ice drinking” – our affectionate term due to the lack of fish caught.

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My CSA Share Pick Up

I took this beautiful picture the other day as I turned into the driveway of Meadow Lynn Market Garden to pick up my second to last CSA share.

There is something about the fall colours around here! And this particular spot with a rickety wooden bridge with a creek running underneath just adds to the charm of the program. I chose to pick up my veggies from the farm just so I get to drive over the bridge and visit with Sarah who runs the program. She recently won the Norfolk Young Entrepreneur award and when you meet her you will know why.

Here’s a link to their website in case you are interested in signing up for next year:

You can purchase a full share (weekly) or a half share (bi weekly) of local organic produce. You get 8-12 items each time and there are usually a few unique items to inspire you to expand your horizons. You can also purchase eggs and beef. We had a roast and some burgers recently and they were excellent.

I would highly recommend Meadow Lynn Market Garden’s CSA program.