Eggplant Antipasto

When the late summer harvest is starting to pile up around you, Eggplant Antipasto is a delicious topping for bread or crackers that features local produce and can be preserved so it lasts all winter. This recipe is a winner, even to those who think they don’t like eggplant.

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Chicago Mix Popcorn

This unusual mixture of caramel corn and cheese popcorn is all the rage. My friend Marilyn told me she had some at Garret Popcorn in Chicago and they served it warm. I was surprised to learn that the popular mix actually originated in Minnesota and there have been lawsuits over the use of the title Chicago Mix Popcorn. I doubt I’ll get sued.

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Hot Pepper Jelly

Hot peppers are funny things. Sometimes they’re so hot you can hardly eat them and sometimes they have no heat at all. I wanted my Hot Pepper Jelly to have some heat and I knew the peppers I planted this year were going to do the job. You can make a mild version of this by using only sweet peppers but then it wouldn’t be Hot Pepper Jelly, would it?

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Nuts and Bolts

The other day a few flakes of snow were drifting around. Nothing much just a few flurries. It was the first snow of the season so I needed to start thinking about Christmas. I have no idea why people make this around Christmas but it seems lots of people do and everyone has their own version. Some people call this Bits and Bites. I was actually given this recipe in 1983 by a coworker. I tucked the card away in a recipe book and found it years later. I hadn’t ever made it. I didn’t need to because my sister always made some and if I was lucky I’d get some free! But now I make my own Nuts and Bolts.

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Many years ago I made my first batch of Salsa, before the internet was the go-to place for recipes. I can’t remember where I found the recipe but it was terrible! I can’t really blame the recipe though, it called for coriander so I used coriander seed but I’m sure they meant cilantro. Well that batch went in the garbage. So I consulted with my (then) brother-in-law Rick who was running a new Mexican food company. He said roast your red peppers and use lots of fresh cilantro. The next batch was excellent!

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